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Finally, classical music and Apple Music working together

Transform Apple Music into a magical classical music jukebox - browse composers, genres and periods, create playlists of multi-movement works, start no-nonsense radio stations and much, much more, for free!

The "classical problem"

Online music is here to stay. But, like most platforms, Apple Music was designed for popular music, based on singers, albums and, specially, tracks. Classical music demands a very different approach: it is based on composers, works, performers (a plenty of them) and movements. Concertino brings the complex structure of classical music to Apple Music. It combines composers and works info from the Open Opus library with automated analysis of the Apple Music metadata. The result? A free, open app that makes Apple Music and classical music work together, at last.

Designed for
classical music

Say goodbye to tracks and welcome multi-movement works!

Composers, works and much more

220 composers and tens of thousands of works, conveniently organised: A to Z, popular, essential, by genre, by period. Set favorite composers and works and browse directly to them.

No-nonsense radio stations

The typical classical music online radio is pure chaos: the "sacrificial dance" from "The Rite of Spring", one prelude from "The Well-Tempered Clavier", then a slow movement from some Mozart piano concerto... stop this erratic movement swapping and embrace a classical radio that makes sense: only complete works and fully programmable.

Credits go all to the artists

No more guessing games: each recording presents full credits of its performers: orchestras, conductors, soloists, singers, chamber groups...

1, 2, 3, easy as A-B-C

Albums and tracks are convenient for popular music but not suitable at all for classical music and its large, fragmented works. Say hi to a classical music player designed for multi-movement sets, that presents both a detailed view of each movement and a global progress bar of the work as a whole.

Playlists galore!

Organize recordings by setting them favorites or by creating playlists, which can be played randomically as a radio station.

Quality control

Concertino has both automated and crowdsourced filters to eliminate bad and incomplete recordings from the library.

Easy, free and open

Concertino runs directly on your web browser and is completely free to use. Enjoy!

Please note that Concertino itself is free but actual playback requires an Apple Music subscription.

Available everywhere!

Concertino is a web app that runs on any mobile device - iPhone, iPad, Android - or computer - Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, Linux.

Due to mobile Safari restrictions, playback on the iPhone might be limited. But stay tuned! A Concertino app for iOS is in the works.

Keep us alive!

Concertino is a completely free and open project based on our love for classical music. You can help us in several ways: donating money for our server costs, reviewing our content and, if you are a software developer, contributing with code.

Help with our bills

Concertino is free to use but it runs on web servers that cost us money. You can help us by supporting us on Patreon - any amount is more than welcome! $10+ supporters get early access to new versions and an exclusive Discord server to chat about Concertino future features.

Help with our content

Concertino tries to retrieve all the information it needs from the Apple Music database, but sometimes this isn't enough. You can help us by submitting performers and recording data or even by simply validating them. It's done directly on the player and it's very easy!

Help with our code

Concertino is open source software. This means that you can not only see how it was made but contribute yourself with code! Bug fixes and new features implementation are always needed. And, of course, you can fork Concertino's code and create your own software - why not?

Help with our data

Concertino composers and works information come from Open Opus, a free, wiki-style, open source database of classical music metadata. You can review existing info or add new entries to the database - any help will be appreciated!


Is Concertino a standalone service? Do I have to subscribe?

Concertino is just an Apple Music front-end and it is completely free of charge. But, since the music itself will be streamed directly from Apple Music, you'll need an Apple Music subscription.

I'm a subscriber to another music service. Does Concertino work for me?

Concertino works only with Apple Music, but there is Concertmaster, an identical app for Spotify users! Please note that Concertmaster and Concertino are open source software, so anybody can create versions of them for other services!

Only 220 composers? Where are composers such as X, Y and Z?

Concertino's database comes from Open Opus, a recently released classical music metadata repository. It began with a limited set of composers, but it's collaborative and everybody is more than welcome to add composers and works to the database. In the meanwhile, it'll gradually grow and become more comprehensive.

How does Concertino work?

Concertino relies on Open Opus, a free and open database of composers and works, and on its own algorithm, which fetches and analyzes Apple Music data. Yes, Apple Music already has almost all data the classical listener needs; but its pop-oriented player can't present them accordingly. Concertino can!

Is Concertino fully functional on the iPhone?

No, it isn't. Due to the way mobile Safari deals with audio playback, Concertino may act weird. But a native iPhone app is planned to be released soon!

Is it safe to give my Apple Music credentials to Concertino?

Yes, completely safe. In fact, no credentials at all are passed to Concertino. The entire log in process happens directly on Apple's servers. (Note the "" address.) Concertino is not a "hack". It uses technology created and endorsed by Apple themselves.